Beirut Institute is an independent non-partisan think tank for the Arab region with activities and events in multiple locations across the Arab region and globally.


Beirut Institute brings to fruition a new concept of solution-oriented think tanks in the Arab region as a catalyst for inter-generational, innovative, solution-oriented thinking for current and future policy opportunities and challenges affecting the Arab region and its place in the world.

We will inform public policy, and provide a forum to discuss, challenge, and influence impacting decisions through a variety of strategic priorities and goals for the Middle East and the International Community.

Founder’s Message
Raghida Dergham

"We will repeal past patterns of submission & resignation & replace them with ambition & enthusiasm.”

started developing Beirut Institute in 2010 because I was pained by the sense of resignation amongst even the brightest in the Arab region, young and old. Disillusionment with the present produced either nonchalance or complaint. The need to step up and take the lead in shaping the future of the Arab region and its place in the world is more urgent now than ever. 

Collective brilliance and passion, coupled with persistence and resilience, can enhance the discourse towards moderation locally and place the diverse landscape in the Arab region on the map as effective and influential players globally.  With the second edition of the Beirut Institute Summit, the Arab leaders will gather for a two day series of discussions and analysis on the emerging global future and technological leaps and how the Arab world is embracing the challenges of tomorrow through its various initiatives.