Beirut Institute is an independent non-partisan think tank for the Arab region with activities and events in multiple locations across the Arab region and globally.

Beirut Institute brings to fruition a new concept of solution-oriented think tanks in the Arab region as a catalyst for inter-generational, innovative, solution-oriented thinking for current and future policy opportunities and challenges affecting the Arab region and its place in the world.

With Beirut Institute Summit and our initiatives, we inform public policy, and provide a forum to discuss, challenge, and influence impacting decisions through a variety of strategic priorities and goals for the Middle East and the International Community.

The Arab region is in the midst of a rapid and historic transformation in parallel with a period of arguably an unprecedented transition in the world – technologically, geopolitically, economically and socially. How the visionary reforms of key actors in the region intersect with the structural shifts underway globally will deeply affect the future trajectories of each. Building on the growing momentum of change, the outcome will be shaped by the choices we make today to construct the Arab region’s engagement in the emerging global future.

Beirut Institute Summit is a collaborative initiative impacting the Arab region, proactively. We convened a wide spectrum of thinkers including political leaders, senior policy makers, prominent intellectuals, leading CEOs, and civil society leaders to reflect on the evolving relationship between the Arab region and the world. Our focus is on designing actionable policies and innovative solutions to turn back the forces of destruction and advance the construction of the Arab region’s engagement in the emerging global future.

The Summit aims to:

  • Inspire leaders with policies and ideas for solutions and enhanced decisions on how to construct the Arab region’s engagement in the emerging future;
  • Create a multi-disciplinary, multi-sector and intergenerational platform for collaboration on future policies;
  • Launch a strategic and pragmatic discussion across traditional policy domains on the opportunities to spark a positive spiral of change in the relationship between the region and the wider world;
  • Announce Beirut Institute’s agenda for the upcoming year.


Beirut Institute Summit is designed as a platform for interaction among leaders from the public, private and nonprofit sectors who have left their mark on the Arab region and expanded its role in the global space.

The summit is comprised of four key conversations:

HIGH LEVEL EXCLUSIVE POLICY CIRCLES off-the-record and by invitation only
The policy circles are uniquely designed to gauge the intellectual input of Arab and international leaders on transformations that the region is undergoing. The policy circles aim at:
  • Constructing the Arab Region’s Engagement in the Emerging Global Future
  • Developing innovative and constructive policy options for advancing the emerging regional vision
  • Proposing actionable ideas and recommendations for policy makers
  • Enlightening and engaging the public in the proposed solutions

CONVERSATIONS WITH POLICY MAKERS on-the-record and webcast live
High profile political, business and civil society leaders will discuss the Arab region’s reform agenda, its global positioning, strategic trajectory, relationship with regional and international powers, and the economics of re-positioning to identify and advance innovative solutions for the future.

INTERACTIVE OPEN PLENARY SESSIONS on-the-record and webcast live
These plenary sessions focus on specific steps leaders in the Arab region should take to place technology in the service of creating the future to which the people of the Arab region aspire. The summit includes specialized sessions on the future of the Arab region in terms of its economic dynamics and geopolitical landscape, and explore current manifestations of nationalism and future national security requirements.

The Beirut Institute Declaration from Abu Dhabi will outline practical regional and global strategies for constructing the Arab region’s engagement in the emerging future. The Declaration will guide policy options and recommendations generated during the summit to decision makers in the region and beyond.

The Beirut Institute Abu Dhabi Declaration 2018: English | Arabic