Beirut Institute

Beirut Institute is an independent non-partisan think tank for the Arab region with activities and events in multiple locations across the Arab region and globally.

Beirut Institute brings to fruition a new concept of solution-oriented think tanks in the Arab region as a catalyst for inter-generational, innovative, solution-oriented thinking for current and future policy opportunities and challenges affecting the Arab region and its place in the world.

Those involved with Beirut Institute will adopt an innovative approach to address current issues through research-based evidence and thinking, and public engagement.

Beirut Institute will inform public policy, and provide a forum to discuss, challenge, and influence impacting decisions through a variety of strategic priorities and goals for the Middle East and the International Community.

Beirut Institute seeks to:

  • Conduct high quality independent research and analysis on current regional issues.
  • Grow the Institutes’ strategic partnerships and develop an international network of thought leaders within the Arab region and with the rest of the world.
  • Provide an independent, accessible and inclusive platform for policy dialogue which will examine current Arab relations with the East and the West and enrich mutual ties.
  • Publish and disseminate research output through a variety of channels to reach a wide audience of stakeholders.
  • Leverage the media to promote ideas, influence policy and public opinion and lead the agenda for public thought and debate around key policy options.
  • Ensure sound financial standing through income growth and longer term funding for research programs
  • Stimulate effective thinking and develop an Arab Brain Trust capable of producing unparalleled ideas for the future of the region
  • Adopt a “40/40” approach whereby forty percent of Beirut Institutes’ community will be under the age of forty.

The Institutes’ scope of activities will tie together research-based evidence with marketing, public relations and public engagement. Activities and events of Beirut Institute will take place in a cluster of cities within the Arab world and globally.

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